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Public Deliverables

According to the project plan, we will produce the following public deliverables during the course of the project:

D1.1: Setup of public website
D1.3: Public project presentation and project flyer
D1.8 External Advisory Board Activities
D2.1: Use cases definition and scenarios description, Report
D2.2.2: User Requirements Delivery, Report
D2.3: Aerial platforms study, Report
D2.4.2: System requirements delivery, Report
D2.5.3: Architecture Reference Model: final version, Report
D2.6.2: System-wide simulation, Report
D3.1.1: Requirements and Specifications for Spectrum Awareness, Report
D3.1.2:  Performance of Spectrum awareness techniques, Report
D3.2.2: Evaluation of Opportunistic Relaying techniques for disaster relief and temporary events, Report
D3.3.3: Performance Evaluation of Cognitive Dynamic Spectrum Access, Report
D3.4.1: Funtional Aspects for Direct Mode Communications aplied to Public Safety, Report
D3.4.3: Performance Analysis of Direct Mode LTE Communications, Report
D4.1.4: Detailed Network and Protocol Architecture: final version, Report
D4.2.1: System capacity assessments, Report
D4.2.2: QoS Optimization Techniques: First issue, Report
D4.3.2: Cooperative Transport and Data Delivery Techniques: final issue, Report
D4.4.2: Mobility Management Solution: final issue, Report
D5.7: Qualification and certification framework, Report
D6.1.2: Aerial platform components integration, Report
D6.2: Integrated Aerial platform components, Demonstrator
D6.3.2: Portable land mobile rapid deployment unit integration, Report
D6.7: End-user Application Description, Report
D7.2: Sub-system Validation Results, Report
D7.3: Laboratory System Validation Results, Report
D7.4: Aerial platform system validation, Report
D7.5.1: Final Demonstration, Report
D8.1.2: Intial Report on Dissemination Activities, Report
D8.1.3: Second Report on Dissemination Activties, Report
D8.3.3: Regulatory Impact: Final Report
D8.4.2: Business models and user acceptance evaluation


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