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ABSOLUTE Project Whitepaper

The ABSOLUTE Project Whitepaper is currently available for download. The white paper presents an overview of the technologies developed and implemented in the ABSOLUTE project, with insights into future exploitation and commercialization potential of the developed technologies.

ABSOLUTE Whitepaper

Press release regarding ABSOLUTE project

The following table provides details about the press release regarding ABSOLUTE project.

Contribution Title




Magazine Article


Cell Tower in a Kite

Magazine Article, dailywireless.org


Helikite balloons can hoist emergency LTE network after natural disaster

Magazine Article, engadget.com


An Inflatable Emergency Airborne Communications Network

Magazine Article,

MIT Technology Review


ABSOLUTE project News

British APCO Journal Volume 19 issue 1, Feb. 2013

Contained an informative introductory article on ABSOLUTE for the benefit of B-APCO members and other readers

ABSOLUTE Project Newsletter

ABSOLUTE Project Newsletter (Download it here)

The project partners prepared a newsletter in order to advertise and publicize the ABSOLUTE project activities, events and achievements within their own organizations as well as to the public at large. The main content of the ABSOLUTE newsletter if provided below:

  • ABSOLUTE in Brief
  • Technical Overview
  • Publications
  • Project Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Relevant News




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