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ABSOLUTE project review

The second Project Review meeting where the project development was evaluated by European Commission reviewers took place in Brussels, Belgium on December 4th 2014. The project consortium presented the technical progress of the project during the last two years and several live demonstrations of different sub-system modules of ABSOLUTE Architecture.

The demonstrations included:

  • Radio Environment Map 
  • LTE (RRH + BB) Equipment
  • Muti-Mode User Equipment
  • S-band Equipment
  • Portable LAN Mobile Unit Equipment

20141204 134034

Muti-Mode User Equipment Demo

20141204 134158

LTE (RRH + BB) Equipment Demo

20141204 134813

Portable LAN Mobile Unit Equipment Demo

20141204 140207

S-band Equipment Demo

The consortium is now awaiting for the reviewers´ written comments concerning the project development during the second year.


  • Exhibition stand 8: Aerial Base Stations with Opportunistic Links for Unexpected &Temporary Events

ABSOLUTE project participated at EUCNC-2014 conference in Bologna-Italy.  Four main demonstrations are foreseen:

  1. The first one will illustrate the Portable Land Mobile Unit sub-system. It will be composed of a suitcase having 3G Base station, WiFi access point, Wireless Sensor Network, computing platform etc... Dedicated mobile phones and tablets showing applications developed in the scope of the project will be connected to the PLMU.
  2. The second demonstration will provide the first LTE results with Radio Remote head and Baseband components. This demonstration will not illustrate all functionalities but will provide a view of the current developments.
  3. The third demonstration will consist of a video illustrating system simulations that are performed in the project. This video can be viewed on a computer.
  4. The fourth demonstration will be a video of trails that have been performed with the aerial platform. This could be viewed on a big screen in the booth.

     absolute-4    absolute-1

     absolute-3     absolute-2

The video about the ABSOLUTE demo is available at:



Welcome to the sixth EAB bulletin. Since EAB Bulletin #5, there have been three General Assembly meetings, two held in Paris; 5-7 February and 2-3 June and one in Duisburg 4-5 September. It provided the opportunity for Work Package leaders to brief on the progress of their activities and to address issues that require collective inputs. In addition, the project held a successful mid-term review with the EU Project Officer in Brussels on 27 Jun.

This bulletin has been produced following the last project meeting (#6) in Duisburg. The last project meeting took place the 4th and 5th of September 2014 in Duisburg. Technical discussions occurred during this meeting as well as first thoughts concerning the final demonstration. EAB members’ inputs for this final demonstration will be important and so we plan to have an EAB meeting in October in order to discuss the scenarios we envisaged for the final demonstration. Aditionall details about the work progess in all the Work Packages are available in the ABSOLUTE newsletter.

Don’t forget the public project web-site at www.absolute-project.eu. If you have not yet registered please, contact me via e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and I will forward to you the necessary details.

Here is the status of the formal project deliverables relevant to EAB:
• Project deliverable D 2.4.1 – Corrective questionnaire for the user representatives – by M15 (December 2013) – complete
• Project deliverable D2.1 - Use cases definitions and scenarios description – by M18  - complete
For any additional information please contact:

Gary Hughes ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
User requirements and EAB

Panel Session in Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013

Pannel Session in Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013
3 - 5 July 2013, Lisbon, Portugal

Public Safety Future Networks: Industry and Stakeholder views on Emerging Technologies, Standardisation Status & Regulatory Issues

Wireless communications technologies play an important role in emergency and disaster relief situations. Innovative technological solutions are needed to increase data throughputs and interoperability for Public Safety Future Networks. In U.S frequency bands have been identified for Broadband Public Safety services and U.S. made the choice of LTE-A for the new products dedicated to public safety . What is the role of European industry and FP7 research in this field? Which new architectures and networks are needed for a fast deployment in large disasters?

Panel Participants from Absolute Project:

  •  Isabelle Bucaille, Thales Communications & Security, France (Chair)
  • Jim Strother, British Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, UK

More information available at: http://www.futurenetworksummit.eu/2013/default.asp?page=panel-pubnet

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