Integration experiments of the Aerial LTE Platform

During this spring, the team from THALES and HELIKITES together with the suppport of BAPCO conducted initial integration tests of the ABSOLUTE LTE sub-systems on board the Aerial Helikite platform. The experiments took place in the UK at the HELIKITES premises. a few pictures of the integration tests are shown below.

The integration trials of the overall ABSOLUTE system in preparation for the final ABSOLUTE public demonstration event took place at the Mattsies airport premises close to Munich, during early July. The details of the trials will be posted soon. Also coming up shortly is the details of the final ABSOLUTE demo event.





Impressions from EUCNC

ABSOLUTE project showcased specific demonstrations during the EUCNC event in Paris during early July 2015. Below are some impressions from the demonstration booth. There were demos presented on different sub-systems developed during the project, in particular, the rapidly deployable mobile unit (PLMU), the components of the Aerial LTE platform (AeNodeB) and the professional mobile UE.

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Article accepted at IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

An article from ABSOLUTE project partner University of York was recently accepted for publication at the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. The article title is "Distributed Heuristically Accelerated Q-learning for Robust Cognitive Spectrum Management in LTE Cellular Systems". The work presented an algorithm for Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) in LTE cellular systems - termed as distributed inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) accelerated Q-learing (DIAQ), which combines distributed reinforcement learning (RL) and standardized ICIC signalling in the LTE downlink, using the framework of heuristically accelerated RL (HARL). Congratulation Neil Morozs and David Grace for the paper acceptance.

An early access version of the paper can be downloaded here.


Here is the fifth EAB bulletin from ABSOLUTE, keeping you up to date on the project’s progress.

Having succeeded Jim Strother in late September 2013, I have spent the intervening period getting to grips with the ambition, intent and challenges that Project ABSOLUTE presents. The EU Project Officer convened a Technical Review of ABSOLUTE in Brussels on 9 December 2013 (more later) and preparations for the next ABSOLUTE quarterly project meeting (#5) in Paris between 5th and 7th February 2014 are underway.

As reported in Bulletin #4, the Project ABSOLUTE User Requirements (Deliverable D2.2.2) was delivered at the end of September 2013. The User Requirements set some challenging technological targets for the ABSOLUTE system in terms of reach, interoperability, capacity and connectivity. Separately, sub-system requirements have been collated by the developers of the sub-system components. The sub-system requirements considered together, collectively make-up the ABSOLUTE System Requirements. The ABSOLUTE programme provided the opportunity for the sub-system developers, having considered the user requirements, to seek further clarification and to address any issues of ambiguity back to the users in the form of a ‘corrective questionnaire’. The System Requirements have been mapped to the User Requirements. This has enabled a determination of the functionality that will be present in the system at the demonstration (September 2015) and in the fully developed capability. In undertaking the mapping process, a small number of questions have been compiled into a ‘Corrective Questionnaire to the User Representatives (Deliverable D2.4.1). This was sent to EAB members on 3 January 2014. It is testament to the efforts of the user community and the well structured requirements generation process overseen by my predecessor that so few questions have been generated by the sub-system developers. The return date for responses is 28 February 2014 and the results will be published in the next bulletin.

The project annual review took place with the European Commission Review Officer (Mr Jorge Carvalho) on 9th December in Brussels. All work package leaders were present with the co-ordinator (Isabelle) and myself. The review focussed on first year achievements; the research into current state of the art technologies, the considerable effort invested with the user to define the user requirements, the definition of technical specifications for the main ABSOLUTE components (and overall architecture) and finally, the commencement of the study of algorithms to support cognitive dynamic spectrum management. It was also noted that the project had started to contribute to the state-of-the-art, as proven by the publications in journals and participation in relevant conferences. The project was assessed as ‘Good’, having achieved most of its objectives and technical goals for the period with relatively minor deviations. Notwithstanding, the Review Board sought further information and clarification as to which of the design work in WP2 (User Requirements), WP3 (Cognitive Dynamic Spectrum Management) and WP4 (Opportunistic Communications and Networking Solutions) will be implemented in the demonstrator and have requested a further intermediate technical review in June 2014.

The next project meeting takes place in Paris between 5-7th February 2014. The length of the meeting has been extended to enable time to be focussed on addressing the specific issues raised at the project review. I will be able to update the meeting in respect to the responses received to the ‘Correct Questionnaire (D.2.4.1).

Don’t forget the public project web-site at www.absolute-project.eu , and the blog which Jim had been updating on user related matters from time to time. My ABSOLUTE New Year’s Resolution is to provide regular updates on the web-site viz-a-viz progress. At the recent review, the Reviewers enquired as to why the EAB Bulletins were not on the public side of the web-site. Noting their contentment for wider promulgation of ABSOLUTE related information, it was agreed that all previous and future EAB bulletins would be placed in the public area. I will encourage the partners to report progress in their respective areas (via posts) as the research and development phase progresses. There will continue to be within the partners’ section, a special area for EAB members, where we will upload information of interest to you but not always for public view.

If you have not yet registered please, please contact me via e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and I will forward to you the necessary details.

Milestone 2 (MS2) – First project EAB meeting – by M8 (May 2013) - complete

Milestone 4 (MS4) – Second project EAB meeting – by M18 (March 2014) - awaits

Project deliverable D 1.8 External Activities Report – M12 (September 2013) – complete

Project deliverable D 2.4.1 – Corrective questionnaire for the user representatives – by M15 (December 2013)complete


Looking forward to a continuing fruitful relationship within Project ABSOLUTE,

Best Regards,


Gary Hughes

User requirements and EAB

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+44 7813 856466

ABSOLUTE Project at EUCNC-2015

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The ABSOLUTE project will contribute to the EU-sponsored EUCNC Conference through various channels.

EUCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) is a premier conference in the area of Telecommunications, focusing on communication networks and systems, and reaching services and applications, sponsored by the European Commission.

ABSOLUTE partners will co-organize a full-day workshop on PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS AND CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES IN 5G: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES. The workshop will be co-organized with the FP7 PPDR-TCenterProject.

ABSOLUTE will showcase its achievements at the demonstration booth. Stay tuned for more news about the demonstration session at EUCNC!!!!

Three articles were accepted from the works related to ABSOLUTE project at the EUCNC 2015 Conference.

The accepted full articles are "Capacity Evaluation of Aerial LTE Base-Stations for Public Safety Communications" a collaboration between Thales Communications, Create-Net and RMIT University and "Spectrum Occupancy Measurements for Different Urban Environments", a work contributed by RMIT in co-operation with the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA). The paper "Case-Based Cognitive Cellular Systems for Temporary Events" a contreibution from Uni. of York, was accepted as short paper.

Best Paper Award at IEEE International Symposium of Wireless Communications Systems

Nils Morozs wins Best Paper Award at IEEE International Symposium of Wireless Communications Systems


Nils Morozs in conjunction with co-authors Tim Clarke and David Grace all from University of York won a best paper award at IEEE ISWCS 2013 in Ilmenau, Germany back at the end of August. The paper, ‘A Novel Adaptive Call Admission Control Scheme for Distributed Reinforcement Learning Based Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cellular Networks’, applies artificial intelligence to reduce the need for accurate spectrum sensing in future cognitive radio networks. Nils is currently just completing the first year of his PhD at York, and this was his first submitted paper.

Project Newsletter 2015

Project Newsletter 2015 (Download it here)

The ABSOLUTE project partners prepared a newsletter in order to advertise and publicize the ABSOLUTE project activities, events and achievements during the last period within their own organizations as well as to the public at large. The main content of the ABSOLUTE newsletter is provided below:

  • ABSOLUTE in Brief
  • Work Package Updates
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Deliverables and Publications
  • Relevant News

New EAB liaison

This is to confirm that I have now left British APCO although I will attend the project meeting next week to present the User Requirements deliverable. Gary Hughes, an ex-Royal Navy officer with extensive communications experience, will continue B-APCO's involvement in ABSOLUTE and will no doubt communicate with EAB members and our other user helpers soon.

Best wishes and thanks to those who have assisted us to date.

Jim Strother


The ABSOLUTE project plenary meeting #7 is currently taking place at Munich. All the project consortium has gathered to discuss the technical progress of the project over two days between 6-7 November. The meeting is organized by Triagnosys GmBH.








User Requirements

The user requirements deliverable is now in final draft stage and will be circulated very soon. Final comments and suggestions are welcome up to 11th September ahead of the due date of 30th September.

Jim Strother

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